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WoW Gold Guide: Alchemy in Cataclysm

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So, alchemy in Cataclysm is starting to look pretty damned good. (Granted, all of the trade skills are looking good in Cataclysm, but Im writing about alchemy this week.) Alchemy is one of the most stable crafts between expansions, though. You have your standard potions intellect, damage, healing, mana, health, stuff like that as well as your alchemist-only items like alchemists stones. Things get a little more exciting in Cataclysm, though. One of the most interesting potions Ive seen so far is the Potion of Deephome. On use, it teleports the user to Deephome. Its a pretty neat effect, but it definitely makes me curious about Deephome. The dungeon finder tool is incredibly effective for teleporting players inside dungeons, so I dont see why your acerage alchemist would have to use the potion. Still, for sheer flavor, its fun to see potions doing more than just buffing stats. I think thats a nice little Wow Gold side effect thats been a long time coming. Shadowspirit Diamond The big gem transmute this time around is the shadowspirit diamond. The shadowspirit diamond can be cut about a dozen different ways to suit your metagem needs. (But thats for a different post.) The diamond itself doesnt seem all that difficult to make if youve got a dozen other gems just sitting around. To create a shadowspirit diamond, you currently need: 3 alicite 3 nightstone 3 zephyrite 3 carnelian 3 hessonite 3 jasper These seem to be the green-quality gems for Cataclysm, though, and those do tend to stack up once the epic versions become available. Much like Wrath of the Lich King, the materials will be a little tough to come by, I think, at the opening of the expansion. Give it a few content patches, though, and youll be happy to upgrade 18 green gems to a single metagem. Metal transmutes The two metal transmutations for Cataclysm are Pyrium Bar and Krovalian Gold. Pyrium uses four elementium bars and 8 volatile earth. Krovalian gold takes eight pyrium bars. So, to get that into perspective, it would take 24 elementium bars and 64 volatile earth. Pyrium bars are also sought after for blacksmithing, and each blacksmithing recipe tends to take between 10 and 20 of the bars. Krovalian gold, however, exists in a more rarified air. Krovalian gold is the essential reagent for engineers killshades. Each set of killshades require two bars of krovalion gold. We dont know of any other trade skill that requires the gold for anything, but I imagine something else must by the end of the expansion. Still, that means that krovalion gNot sure just yet, might keep the current character cap but let you have them on any realm, so you can have many many charaters on one realm.... Wow.old bars will be fairly expensive on the auction house, but wont always have a consistent demand. I kind of expect it to become a trade chat item, that way. Engineers will gather their own materials and offer will clost only 500000 gold. I hope they changeBuy Wow Gold it you|present|give} to pay for the transmute on the trade channel. Alchemist Stone The Lifebound Alchemist Stone continous to look just as sexy as when we first saw it. I suspect a lot of tanks might be looking at alchemy a little more seriously at the opening of Cataclysm, considering the epic amount of stamina being sported on this trinket. With an additional blue socket and 233 mastery, the Lifebound Alchemist Stones going to go a long way to make sure alchemists get a leg up on their equipment checklist. The stones not too beastly to make, considering the enormous advantage conveyed by its itemization. It takes about a dozen herbs of various sorts totalling about 36 herbs. More shocking, though, are the 50 volatile life required to create the stone. Ill say that again; the Lifebound Alchemist Stone requires 50 volatile life. That may sound like a lot, but we dont really have a great concept of how many volatlie life youll find around the expansion. If you get a life every time you hit a herb, 50 wont be a big number at all. Upgrading gems There are, of course, transmutations to turn green gems into blue gems. Id considered listing them, but instead Ill link you over to MMO-Champion. We dont have any certainty yet about what those gems will be used for (aside from jewelcrafting), so I dont want to burn you out on news that we dont know. Still, I suspect well see about the same stat combinations on each color gem as we did in Wrath and even The Burning Crusade. In closing The last big news about new stuff for alchemy comes from the guild perks information. The guild perk Chug-a-Lug confirms that it affects both potions and cauldrons. That could just be the designers being surprisingly thorough and including the cauldrons from the BurningA small chance to get Golden Lotus? My prayers have been answered... more or less. Crusade. But the tiny little part of me that still wants a pony is hoping and praying we might see feast-like cauldrons in Cataclysm. It would just make life so much easier. Finally, alchemy will have the same kind of stat-buffing potions we have in Wrath. I didnt delve into them because theyre stat buffs. And while numbers are fun and exciting, they dont have a lot of context yet. Well revisit the stat buff potions a little later WOW GOLD in the beta. 
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